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Power of Her w/ logos

POWER OF HER: Resources

Inspired by the centennial of the 19th Amendment and women voting, POWER OF HER will be a uniquely Cincinnati celebration of the contributions of women’s voices to shaping local arts.

If you're an arts organization with upcoming events that celebrate the female voice and the many ways it champions a more diverse and vibrant world, here's what you need to participate in the POWER OF HER initiative.

Special thanks to LPK for providing branding and marketing materials.

For POWER OF HER events, please be sure to 'tag' correctly as a POWER OF HER event so they can be easily pulled under one marketing umbrella. ArtsWave Guide will be the platform we use to aggregate information and provide updates to both the media and the community.

An overview of the inspiration and strategy behind the POWER OF HER branding.

Guidelines to using the POWER OF HER logos, graphics and other brand resources.

Primary, preferred logo lockup for POWER OF HER. Includes print and screen versions.

Secondary logo for POWER OF HER. Includes both print and screen versions.

Patterns and holding shape for POWER OF HER branding. See the Brand Guidelines for usage details.

Usable examples of composite grid patterns for POWER OF HER branding. See the Brand Guidelines for usage details.

Ribbon options for initiative integration branding with POWER OF HER. See Brand Guidelines for details.