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Dine out and give back
ArtsWave partners with Cincinnati's leading restaurants, breweries and bars to invite residents of Greater Cincinnati out on the town to enjoy great wine and beer and give back to the arts at the same time. 


"Wave Maker" Bourbon Mash Lager

Since 2016, ArtsWave has partnered with a Greater Cincinnati brewery each year to release a distinct collaboration brew. This year, ArtsWave is again partnering with Fretboard Brewing Company to produce the "Wave Maker" Bourbon Mash Lager. Following up on the success of 2019's "We Are The Arts" Ohio Artisan Lager, this beer remains just as approachable while highlighting the creativity achievable in the brewing process.

Honing in on the region’s love for lagered beer and complex bourbon, the result is a Bourbon Mash Lager brewed with all the ingredients that make the beloved brown spirit: barley, corn and rye. To make the appropriate finishing touch, the brewers aged the beer on white oak, giving the final product a subtle aroma of vanilla and rich malt. While this results in a complex and well-rounded beer, it remains a true lager, being abundantly drinkable, light on the palate and versatile for any occasion that calls for refreshments.

"Wave Maker" Release Party

Join us for the official release party for the "Wave Maker" Bourbon Mash Lager on Thursday, February 6, 2020!

Click here or on the banner below for details!

wave maker release party

Contact Cecilia Long at to book your ArtsWave fundraising event today! Why not bring your team out to enjoy a few Wave Makers and raise funds for the 2020 ArtsWave Campaign?