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MAKE WAVES! to the Goal

Fifth Third Bank has generously agreed to DOUBLE donations between now and the end of the campaign. Help us get the word out and reach our goal by sharing a selfie or group image with the hashtag #IMadeWaves to show your support for our region’s amazing arts!


We've created an easily printable sign that you can hold up for a selfie (or a portrait). You can download is at the links below:
"I Made Waves" sign

Here's where you come in: Print a sign or simply write "#IMadeWaves" on a post-it, scrap paper, folder or anything you want, and then take a picture to share on social media. When you share it, use the hashtag #IMadeWaves. See the image below. An example of the accompanying post might be:

"#IMadeWaves by supporting the 2018 @ArtsWave Community Campaign. Visit or text 'ArtsWave' to 444999 and your gift will be doubled!"

2018-03 I Made Waves social campaign Ryan Strand

Our region knows how to come together to make great efforts amazing. Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word and together working to BEAT our $12.25 million goal!

Do "The Arts Wave"

If possible, please record your co-workers, community/professional network, friends and family doing "The Arts Wave" on a smart phone and post it with mention of doubled gifts, using #IMadeWaves and tagging us @artswave. These are wonderfully fun images, and we will broadly re-share!