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The ArtsWave Mural Challenge

In honor of ArtsWave's 100th Anniversay Countdown (in 2027!) we commissioned this beautiful work by Cincinnati-based artist Cedric Michael Cox, titled "Our Golden City Of The Arts." Now displayed proudly in ArtsWave's lobby, this original painting is inspired by Cincinnati's historical diversity in architecture and captures several of our region's best and brightest arts organizations, theaters, and museums. 

And not being one to miss out on a creative ArtsWave campaign activity, we have put together a challenge around this mural that you can enjoy with your co-workers! Using the files below, you can either display or print out a version of the above mural with all the buildings numbered, and then see who can identify the most arts buildings around town. If printing, we have versions below in both a 8.5 x 11" size and a 12 x 18" size, use whichever you like. Just be sure not to share the answer pages until it's time!

There are lots of ways to add to this activity as well - award prizes to the winners, have people compete against each other in teams, run the activity during a standing meeting to jazz things up - be as creative as you like!