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Virtual Campaign Toolkit

We know that running an ArtsWave campaign in this current public health climate can seem difficult. However, the need for funds has never been more immediateEvery gift counts so THANK YOU for getting creative and running a virtual campaign!

Below are resources to help you tailor a campaign to whatever your new workplace reality looks like. If you have questions, please reach out, we're here to help! 

COVID Campaign FAQ's

Is ArtsWave still running a campaign with the current public health crisis?
Yes! In fact, the need for funds has never been more immediate. The arts organizations, artists and arts & culture workers that contribute to Greater Cincinnati’s economic vibrancy and social connectivity are facing the double-whammy of complete loss of earned income from tickets, tours and school groups PLUS the possible shortfall of contributions to the ArtsWave Community Campaign.

I received arts tickets through the ArtsWave Campaign, are they still good?
All concerts, plays, classes and museums have been cancelled or are closed at this time. This will affect some of you who won vouchers to arts performances during our fundraising campaign.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to replace any vouchers for performances or events that are canceled. We ask for patience and understanding during these uncertain times, especially for our arts groups. Strong support for the arts keeps our community vibrant.

What is ArtsWave?

Everything you'll need to know about us as an organization and how you and your employees can get involved.

What is ArtsWave? What do they do? Visit here to learn why they call us the engine behind the arts!

ArtsWave brings together Young Professionals, Women Leaders, African-American Leaders, the LGBTQIA community and Leadership Donors for networking and engagement through the arts.

Learn more about our most popular benefits, including ArtsWave Pass and tickets to performances at Music Hall, local theaters and the Cincinnati Reds. From $75 to $1,500, ArtsWave has a variety of donor benefits that will connect your coworkers with amazing arts and community experiences

Email and Letter Templates with new messaging for use during your campaign.

Virtual Campaign How-To's and Ideas

Running a virtual campaign is different than running a traditional campaign. Don't worry though, see below for some ideas to keep your coworkers engaged when off-site.

Looking to add some interactive elements to your virtual campaign? Review these suggestions for some inspiration. Creativity is encouraged!

Instantly turn a photo into a Van Gogh-style painting, find which historical portrait you look like and more. Use this free app as part of a virtual contest or raffle. This page has step by step instructions to get you started.

Feeling restless with stay-at-home orders? Find an online painting and recreate using household items!

Engage with our local arts organizations and more online with these great experiences. This list is being updated daily with new options coming online all the time.

Have employees test their knowledge of local arts facts with the ArtsWave Arts Trivia Quiz! Note that both questions and answers are provided in this document.

Inspiring Videos

ArtsWave and our partners have a number of videos you can send to your coworkers to inspire them to give during these uncertain times. We encourage you to send as many as you feel comfortable sending.

If you're running a campaign digitally, this video is great for illustrating how the arts are woven so deeply into the fabric of our humanity, that even a 'shelter-in-place' order can't stop the joy they bring.

Our arts organizations are being affected by this crisis and these videos outline the hardships they and the artists they employ are facing.

Find all of our videos that show how your contributions make waves across the region.

Digital Posters & Marketing Collateral

Below you'll find digital versions of our marketing pieces. While we're staying at home through the health crisis, these are a great way to distribute necessary information about the campaign and why it matters.

Everything you need to know about ArtsWave, what we do, and how your gift impacts the region.

ArtsWave's affinity and leadership networking groups are an amazing way to meet and engage with people through the arts.

The Women's Leadership Roundtable connects women across the region through the arts. More than 400 members strong, the group accounts for over $1 million raised each year!

Download, fill out and return at the end of your campaign, along with all pledge cards and checks, to the address on the bottom of the sheet using your yellow or white 'lockbox' envelope. If you don't have this envelope, please address a new one accordingly.

Logos, information on using ArtsWave's name, and more.

Questions about any of these documents? Contact Ryan Strand, Manager, Marketing & Engagement

Want access to ArtsWave images or videos? Contact Zach Moning, Manager, Marketing & Communications