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How We Fuel Community

Blueprint for Collective Action for the Arts Sector

Introduced in 2015, the Blueprint for Collective Action provides a 10-year framework for ArtsWave's community investments and strategic initiatives. The Blueprint leverages the power of the arts to build a more vibrant economy and more connected community in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Metro Region. Its five objectives reflect the distinctive resources and assets of the local arts sector in alignment with broader community needs. 

ArtsWave's Blueprint advances all the ways that the arts: 

*Put Cincinnati on the map, to attract employees, new businesses and tourists; 
*Deepen roots in our region, to retain employees and residents, including new college grads
*Bridge cultural divides, to make our region more inclusive, diverse, equitable and respectful of all
*Enliven neighborhoods, to improve everyone's qualify of life
*Fuel creativity and learning, to prepare kids to be productive citizens and future employees, and live creative lives. 

Through $10 million in annual grantmaking, ArtsWave intentionally encourages arts programming that supports these goals. 


A More Vibrant Economy and a
More Connected Community for All

For more information about the Blueprint goals, read the full report.

ArtsWave's Community Impact Journey

At ArtsWave, we believe that the arts are more than just nice -- they are necessary!  The arts contribute to healthy, thriving communities. Our landmark research study, The Arts Ripple Effect, showed that people perceive these positive benefits of the arts regardless of how actively they personally participate: the ripple effects from a lively arts environment make our region more vibrant and more connected.

ArtsWave provides funding and coordination for organizations and initiatives that make the ripple effect of the arts grow even stronger across our region.