Did you know that 54% of contributions to ArtsWave’s Community Campaign are made through workplace giving campaigns?  Last year, 258 local companies ran workplace campaigns for ArtsWave.  For each of these companies, volunteers are needed to coordinate activities and events.  We call these volunteers Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECCs) and they are vital to our success.

“A great ECC can really make a difference in the success of a workplace campaign,” says Jodi Perry, ArtsWave's Senior Manager, Corporate Campaign.  “Their energy and enthusiasm for the arts and ArtsWave is infectious.” Volunteers also come up with clever themes, prizes, activities and events that make the campaign fun and in line with their individual corporate culture.  It’s a big commitment of time each year, but many volunteers say it is one of their favorite parts of their job.

Research suggests that adding team bonding experiences and a little fun to the workplace helps with employee engagement and retention. With its emphasis on discovering great things to do in the region and bringing people together through the arts, ArtsWave workplace campaigns provide employers with a great opportunity for employee engagement.

Lauren Peter, Account Representative for Horan Associates, explains why she volunteers as an ArtsWave ECC:  “I love living in a city that has such a robust arts community and I’m glad to give back through my company campaign.  And, working in an insurance environment, it’s wonderful to be able to have a creative outlet for a few months out of the year where we can celebrate the artistic talents of our staff and encourage them to experience the arts for the first time.”

ArtsWave provides its ECCs with even resources to make it easy.  Our new website, launching in two weeks, will include a Workplace Campaign toolkit with ideas, stories, images, and everything needed to run a successful campaign.  More companies will also be participating in CincySings, our regional employee choir sing-off event, which encourages friendly competition and provides a platform for workers to showcase their hidden talents.

If you work in a company that annually supports ArtsWave and would like to volunteer your time as an ECC for your internal campaign efforts, or if you would like to start a campaign at your company, please contact us. If you’re already an ECC within your company, share your stories of employee engagement with us by emailing Spencer Mapes at spencer.mapes@theartswave.org or by joining our ECC LinkedIn group.   

ArtsWave thanks all of its volunteer Employee Campaign Coordinators, past and present, who give their time and energy to our community campaign.  You are ArtsWave in Action!