It's time: the 30th Macy's Arts Sampler is this weekend, February 27-28, all around Cincinnati! 

We've compiled some helpful tips for newcomers and long-time attendees. Feel free to share these with your friends, and we look forward to seeing you all around our wonderful region this weekend. #CincyArts #Sampler2016 


1. Get the most out of your parking spot.

If you plan on experiencing some of the many arts offerings to be found in the downtown area on Saturday, we suggest finding a centrally-located meter or parking garage. The City of Cincinnati has a detailed run-down of all the meters in the downtown area, found here: Worried about your meter running out during a performance? Never fear--there's an app for that. Download the free parking app and pay from a performance. It's super simple. While you're at it, be sure to download the #Sampler2016 app. Just search for ArtsWave and you'll find it. 

2. Have a plan. 
In the rush of excitement that is #Sampler2016, it can get a little frenzied running from one place to the next, worrying about making it on time. Relax! We're here to help. Our handy-dandy Sampler schedule is located on our website, on the above-mentioned app, and in many Macy's stores around the tri-state. Here's a direct link:'s-arts-sampler-2016-schedule.pdf?sfvrsn=0. The Cincy Arts Guide is also a wonderful resource for planning your events. Every #Sampler2016 event is listed here: Wherever you go, you're sure to have a wonderful arts experience. 

3. Carry cash, water, and (quiet) snacks. 
These are just common sense crowd-sourced idea. Cash is good to have on hand for any parking emergencies or dining occasions that arise; water is great to re-hydrate between breathtaking arts events; and quiet snacks are helpful in keeping small arts lovers content! Please be respectful of the house rules of each venue, as they may vary. 

4. Be flexible and respectful. 
Lines might get long during the Sampler for certain performances. This is a good thing! That means many of your fellow community members are having the chance to enjoy the arts we all know and love. Take turns at craft tables and in performance venues. Keep an eye on your smallest arts lovers. Turn off your flash if you're commemorating the moment on social media. Remember: we're all here to enjoy the arts together. Let's be good neighbors and good audience members. 

5. Have fun! 
This might seem like a given, but in the rush to "experience" the art at as many different locations as possible, you might forget to pause and simply bask in the wonderful, transformative and exhilarating effects of a Cincinnati arts experience. Take a second to grab a selfie, and then put your phone away and enjoy the moment.

We can't wait to share them with you all weekend! 

Bubbles! 2013