This month, The New York Times put the Cincinnati Region on the map for their travel series with "36 Hours in Cincinnati." One of the main points of interest? The flourishing arts scene and "rich cultural offerings" in and around our city. Item one on the Times itinerary is the Contemporary Arts Center, whose recent decision to go admission-free is referred to as "a yardstick by which to measure support for the arts in Cincinnati." Right next door, of course, is the 21c Museum Hotel.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center shows up on the list of must-sees for day two, as do the recently (and soon-to-be) constructed, rebuilt and renewed performing arts centers of Music Hall, Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati and Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. Special mention is given to the upcoming BLINK light and art festival, coming October 12-15.

One of the most important goals laid out in the ArtsWave Blueprint for Collective Action for the Arts Sector, is to use the arts to put the Cincinnati region on the map. With The New York Times pointing to Cincinnati as a travel destination and specifically calling out our support for the arts, we can say with confidence that our community's investment is paying off.