Nathan Boerner has been playing Cello at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center since 2014. He’s a champion math competitor, award-winning origami crafter and avid photographer. All this is impressive on its own. When you take into consideration that Nathan was born without a right arm, it's extraordinary.

Nathan has a broad range of interests, including a deep and abiding love of music, which started early on in life. When he was six years old, he decided to learn how to play an instrument. Choosing one was tricky. Brass instruments would have been the easiest, but they were too loud for him. He preferred something with a robust but delicate sound. Something with strings.

The only string instrument he could hold and bow with his foot was the cello, so the cello became another one of his many passions. Nathan calls his cello “a reprieve” and “an emotional release,” not just practice or work. Over time, he's become an adept musician. Now, he's the cellist with the Wyoming Fine Arts Center’s Chamber Orchestra, which is a group for advanced players.

Rebecca, Nathan’s mother, calls the Wyoming Fine Arts Center, the orchestra and the cello “such a positive influence in Nathan's life." That influence has not gone unnoticed: The Cincinnati Enquirer shared his story with readers early this year. Nathan will take his arts experiences with him not just when he graduates high school next year, but for the rest of his promising life.