2018-05 ArtsWave Rewards Prize winner Fernanda Silva with Basket 1
ArtsWave Rewards winner Fernanda Silva

This year, ArtsWave introduced ArtsWave Rewards, an arts engagement program centered around giveaways and participation in ArtsWave Days, brought to you by Macy's. The grand prize? A huge Cincy Arts Staycation package, featuring tickets to the smash-hit musical "Hamilton," an overnight stay at the 21c Museum Hotel, Dinner at Boca, breakfast at Metropole and a $500 shopping spree to Macy's with personal shopper assistance to get ready for a night on the town.

ArtsWave Days evolved from a long-standing series of free arts events, which has enjoyed the steadfast sponsorship support of Macy's for decades. "Macy’s is proud to support ArtsWave," says Matt Stautberg, SVP Corporate Planning & Treasurer at Macy's. "In particular, ArtsWave Days, brought to you by Macy's, helps show off all of the great things happening in the arts in our region. Over the twelve weekends, these events allowed over 12,000 people to experience the arts. ArtsWave is making a difference in Cincinnati and is helping Macy’s attract and retain talent in the region."

Matt Stautberg of Macy's with ArtsWave Rewards winner Fernanda Silva

Of the 12,000+ people who attended ArtsWave Days during the 2018 Community Campaign, over 1,000 collected chances to win the Cincy Arts Staycation. In the end, of course, there can only be one winner chosen, and that winner was Fernanda Silva.

Fernanda signed up for ArtsWave Rewards at the final event of the ArtsWave Days series: the Block Party at the Taft Museum of Art. In between seeing the Tiffany Glass exhibition, Patrick Dougherty's stickwork sculpture in progress and live music, she heard about ArtsWave Rewards, and — after briefly misunderstanding and thinking the Staycation would involve Hamilton the city — jumped at the chance to sign up.

The Cincy Arts Staycation package could not have come at a better time for Fernanda. Just before "Hamilton" opens in Cincinnati, she'll be headed for her native Chile for a big celebration with her family. The occasion is none other than a celebratory ceremony of her recent marriage. When she comes back home, her prize package will be her first big night on the town with her husband.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated in ArtsWave Rewards and ArtsWave Days, as well as Macy's for their support. We wish Fernanda and her family all the best this February and beyond. Congratulations, and enjoy your Staycation!