Our generous corporate partner, Cincinnati Bell, has created a 12-month calendar in cooperation with ArtsWave. It's full of beautiful shots of Cincinnati and the arts and culture that make our region special. Most of the contributors are incredibly talented members of Cincinnati Bell's staff!

When you purchase this calendar, you're also helping to support our region's arts. All proceeds from each sale will go to the ArtsWave 2019 Community Campaign to benefit 100+ local arts organizations. You can purchase the calendar here.

The calendar is one of several new innovations that Cincinnati Bell CEO Leigh Fox — ArtsWave's 2019 Community Campaign Chair — is bringing to our campaign in the approaching year. The conception, creation and sale of the calendar was entirely volunteer-driven within Cincinnati Bell. The company is also hosting a charity auction benefiting ArtsWave, where you can score coveted tickets to the smash-hit musical "Hamilton!"

Volunteer efforts like these at Cincinnati Bell, and hundreds of other business partners, are key to ArtsWave’s success. We also are grateful for the efforts of individual community members who devote their spare time outside of the workplace. Every year, a group of dedicated volunteers joins us for breakfast, where they pick up a packet of supplies that they will use to mail information about our upcoming campaign to long-time supporters. This year, we gathered at the Taft Museum of Art, where attendees were treated to a tour of the popular "Antique Christmas" exhibition before heading out to solicit support for the arts, neighbor-to-neighbor.

Whether it's through a large organization with the resources to experiment with new avenues or the traditional, impassioned appeals of generous individuals, ArtsWave is grateful the community's support. With it, we're sure to hit our 2019 goals.

Happy New Year!