ArtsWave funding supports programs that create 235,000 arts education experiences for children in our region
Photo credit: Bergette Photography

It's been a wild ride so far. During our 12-week campaign to raise money for Greater Cincinnati's arts, we've showcased the region's arts organizations at five (soon to be six) ArtsWave Days events. Singing groups from 10 Greater Cincinnati businesses competed on stage at Music Hall at CincySings, with the United Way of Greater Cincinnati emerging in the top spot, followed by Fifth Third and Macy’s. Tens of thousands of businesses and individuals have come together to raise millions of dollars — dollars that will impact our community through the arts.

What does this impact look like? Consider this:  A study by Theatre Forward found that 89% of business executives participated in the arts during their school years. The arts help create great leaders!

A National Endowment for the Arts study determined that students who are involved in the arts are less likely to drop out of school. That same study found that young adults who have arts-rich experiences in high school are more likely to engage in public volunteerism. The arts lead to better youth outcomes and more civically-minded adults!

Further research published in Economic Development Quarterly indicates that highly skilled workers are significantly more likely to move to a region that has a strong arts presence. The arts help Cincinnati attract top talent!

2019 ArtsWave Campaign Chair, Cincinnati Bell President & CEO Leigh Fox, has said repeatedly that the arts aren’t just nice, they are necessary. These research studies prove it.

We are just over two weeks away from the end of the 2019 ArtsWave Community Campaign. Leigh has set an ambitious goal of $12.3 million, with a public stretch goal of $12.4 million. With $9 million in the door so far, that leaves $3 million still to raise by the end of April. If we reach the goal, ArtsWave will be able to sustain its funding for the arts at today’s levels, in the year ahead.

The money we raise over the next few weeks will determine how big an impact the arts are able to make in 2020 for our community. Ticket prices only cover a portion of what it takes to keep the arts strong, and there are no local government agencies, taxes or surcharges that provide vital operating support. With your help, ArtsWave will continue building a more vibrant and connected community through the arts.

Please join me and visit ArtsWave.org/Give to make an investment in the arts and in Cincinnati.