Sundance Store Kenwood

During this season of gratitude, we note with appreciation that every year Greater Cincinnati's businesses join tens of thousands of individuals to support the annual ArtsWave Community Campaign. ArtsWave’s partnerships with the business sector are critical to the success of the arts; conversely, Greater Cincinnati's arts are critical to our high quality of life and the ability of local corporations to attract and retain talent. The arts are good for business.

Americans for the Arts, our national advocacy organization, promotes arts and business partnerships on a broad scale. Their  pARTnership Movement offers workshops and resources to both businesses and arts organizations to encourage collaboration. They’ve defined eight compelling reasons why partnering with the arts expands market share and creates a healthy workplace:

  1. The arts cultivate diversity and empathy.
  2. The arts can amplify skills of employees.
  3. The arts drive innovation.
  4. The arts are a great way to show gratitude (and retain talent).
  5. The arts can set your business apart.
  6. The arts can enliven the workplace.
  7. The arts help advance civic and social priorities.
  8. The arts enrich community life.

These are eight great reminders of what the arts can do for business.

One of ArtsWave's newest business partnerships is with Sundance, the retailer of apparel, jewelry, footwear, accessories, art and home furnishings that got its start in the Utah mountains. Sundance recently opened its 17th store, choosing the Greater Cincinnati area. Following the vision of its founder, actor/director Robert Redford, Sundance holds a strong commitment to celebrating artists and incorporating the arts into daily life. With a mutual objective, ArtsWave is thrilled to be named the company's local charitable partner.

We are grateful to all our 300+ business and corporate partners, and the people who work for and with them! Local business support and engagement in the arts is helping to forward our region's future.