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Workplace Giving Toolkit

Use the tabs below to find links and documents to help you have an amazing campaign! 

ArtsWave 101

Who is ArtsWave? What does it do? Download for an overview of the history and mission of the country's first and largest united arts fund.

ArtsWave brings together Young Professionals, Women Leaders, African-American Leaders, the LGBTQIA community and Leadership Donors for networking and engagement through the arts.

Visit Greater Cincinnati's arts calendar,, to find all the amazing arts opportunities in the region.

Campaign Essentials

The PowerPoint presentation used at the Campaign Coordinator Workshops. You can use this to pull from for your presentations, as well as remind yourself of what was covered in each session.

Helpful "Cheat Sheet" for how to run a successful campaign. This document has a detailed campaign timeline, information on 2018 donor benefits and ideas for campaign themes, events and more!

Learn more about our most popular benefits, including ArtsWave Pass and tickets to performances at Music Hall, local theaters and the Cincinnati Reds. From $75 to $1,500, ArtsWave has a variety of donor benefits that will connect your coworkers with amazing arts and community experiences

Get your employees excited about the ArtsWave Campaign in new ways. Visit our DISCOVER section to learn more about CincySings, ArtsWave Days, and Toast to the Arts.

Want to engage your employees on or off-site with an arts experience? Want to bring in performers to spice up you kick-off or event? This list details arts experiences, activities, and entertainment options no matter your budget (even if your budget is $0!).

Download, fill out and return at the end of your campaign, along with all pledge cards and checks, to the address on the bottom of the sheet using your yellow or white 'lockbox' envelope. If you don't have this envelope, please address a new one accordingly.

Communications Tools

Logos, information on using ArtsWave's name, and more.

Email and Letter Templates for use during your campaign.

Find our Community Campaign Video as well as other videos that show how your contributions make waves across the region.

Posters & Design Assets

This image shows the region engaging with the arts and because it has a faded look, is perfect to with text in the foreground.

Used on our pledge cards, this image is a high energy design and shows people of all ages participating in the arts. Use this image to align your marketing with our current collateral and theme.

This image is used on the front of our paper pledge cards. It is a high energy design that can be used to align your marketing efforts with our current collateral and theme.

Make Waves! is ArtsWave's 2018 theme. This full-color image of that text can be used to align your marketing efforts with our current collateral and theme.

Our campaign poster, sized 8.5x11 with space for you to add your company's logo and information about kick-off dates or other events.

Poster showing the dates and times for each event during ArtsWave Days

Questions about any of these documents? Contact Ryan Strand, Manager, Engagement & Events.

Want access to ArtsWave images or videos? Contact Zach Moning, Manager, Communications.