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Giving Benefits

When you give $75+, you get a full year of 100+ BOGO arts tickets and exclusive deals, PLUS free tickets to the Reds and FC!


A Year of Arts Tickets and Deals: Your $75+ gift to ArtsWave will support 100+ arts projects and organizations. It will ALSO get you an ArtsWave Pass. ArtsWave Pass offers…

...100+ arts experiences, shops, restaurants, sports and more. one, get one free tickets and exclusive deals across the region.

Learn more at and Give Today for immediate access!

team-cincinnati-hero small
FREE Reds and FC Cincinnati: For your $75+ gift (of if you’re already a donor, a 10% increase) you’ll also get Team Cincinnati. Team Cincinnati offers…

...two FREE Reds tickets on the Lower Level.
...two spots for an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience with FC Cincinnati, featuring a tour and narrated coaching session.

There are so many benefits for giving to ArtsWave including free tickets to Music Hall, exclusive parties, networking groups and more. See all your potential benefits and how to receive them here!